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Hand Hewn Log Homes recall the traditional log homes from the 18th and 19th centuries, featuring hewn-flat logs with dovetailed corners and chinking between the logs.

Timber Frame Homes feature heavy timber framework, exposed in dramatic interior spaces, combined with any imaginable interior style or exterior finish

Nothing can create an atmosphere and convey the strength of character of your business like a Hearthstone timber frame or log structure.


 Come watch these homes come to life at our two Centre County, PA timber frame raising sites.

Ask questions and learn how our log and timber frame homes are designed and created. This is a perfect opportunity for those interested in building in the spring or summer of 2017. 

Construction Services
Unlimited creativity

Hearthstone features an unmatched ability to create any imaginable style of custom, luxury, hand crafted heavy-timber or log based home or commercial structure.

Surprisingly flexible interior design

Interior design can be anything from artsy, or formal, or eclectic, or regional, or period reproduction… or just about anything you can imagine. 

We  offer on site construction services world wide and turn-key services in many areas.  

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